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Happy St. Valentine's Day!

Last night, as a St. Valentine's day thing, Amy and I went to a ballet. Specifically, a rock-opera ballet. Specifically, The Who's Tommy. Neither of us had been to a ballet before, and Amy hadn't seen the movie, so we weren't really sure what to expect. But it was really amazing, and we both had a wonderful time. I could really see myself getting into ballet, you know.

And this morning, we exchanged presents. I got Amy a book of Don'ts for Wives from 1913. I also got her serious gifts too, but I gave her that one first, because I thought it would be funny to make her think it was her only gift. And she got me a I ♥ Zombies T-shirt, which is awesome!
Tags: amy, ballet, dance, i love amy, rock music, st valentine's day
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