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I'm back

Posted on Wednesday, 17th Jun 2009 at 08:42
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I know, every so often I say I need to try and keep this better updated. Let's see how it goes this time.

I lost my job about a month ago, due to economic downturn type things. I've done a couple of weeks of contracting, working for a local chain of hospitals, so I've been keeping busy. And there might be another job coming soon - I've had some nibbles on Monster.com.

We're going to Florida in a month or so, and meeting up with my family. Among other things, we're going to have breakfast with the Disney Princesses, which Isabella will probably like.

I've been watching Life After People, which is moderately interesting. Last week they featured an abandoned amusement park just down the road from here, so maybe while my days are less filled with work, maybe I'll try and sneak in there to take some photos.


Snes Girl - Gottit?
snesgirl at 2009-06-27 13:09 (UTC) (Link)

welcome back

Good luck on the upcomming job prospects sorry to hear you lost your previous one as you seemed to be having fun with it.

I look forward to more photos from you. Will we get to see Isabella's delight at being in the land o Disney?
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