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wintermute's soapbox

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19 August 1975
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I suppose I ought to finally get around to adding something meaningful here, so here goes:

When I first set up this LJ, I was living in Britain, as I had all my life (except for a year here or there as a child), and I never really imagined that I would leave for more than the occasional holiday. But in late 2004, I married an American (famousamy), and moved to Ohio. We have a baby (Isabella Grace) due in early January, and my LJ may spend more time than is strictly healthy on her in the future.

Religiously, I am a pretty solid athiest, sometimes tending towards what some people might call "rabid". When I'm in the mood for Greek puns, I might describe myself as "an agnostic, or maybe the opposite of that". But it's worth pointing out that the god I'm agnostic about is a very small deist god; any meaningful definition of a supernatural entity who interacts with the Universe in any way is trivially non-existant. I have nothing against the religious; many of my best friends (including my wife) believe in some form of deity, and I don't have a problem with this, so long as they don't try to convince me I'd be better off believing.

Politically, I was considered moderately right-of-centre in Britain, which means that on the American spectrum, I'm a foaming-at-the-mouth Liberal extremist. I support (among other things) unionised labour; high minimum wages; universal healthcare; social liberty; religious freedom; safe, legal and rare abortions; well funded social care systems; government-funded public broadcasting; and good public transport.

I am currently a Lawful Permanent Resident (green-card holder), and am as yet undecided as to whether I wish to apply for US citizenship, when I am eligible. Lots of people seem to assume that there's no middle ground between "illegal immigrant" and "citizen" in the media at the moment, and as you might imagine, this annoys me.

I am a professional computer programmer, mostly specialising in PHP, currently working for a company that makes parts for steel mills.

In case the interests list above doesn't explain it, I spend a fair chunk of my free time reading (mostly popular science and science fiction), taking photographs, watching movies (my DVD collection currently stands at about 350 titles), roleplaying (I only recently found a group again, for the first time since I came to America), and adding things to my Amazon Wishlist.

Now watch me not update this for years, so that it becomes hidiously out of date. For the record, it is currently 02/11/2006 (That's the 2nd of November, for you Americans).

Click here to find out why.
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